Embodied Life™ Retreats – Upcoming Events

Instead of me telling you why you might enjoy the retreat, here are the participants own words:

“I come away feeling more comfortable- physically, mentally and emotionally in my own body. My pain is less. I am moving easier and more accepting of myself in all ways. This has been amazing and wonderful!”

“There is something really special about the way Feldenkrais and the “Just Sit” style of meditation compliment each other and allow you to go deeper into each.”

“Moving away from everyday life gives me moments to reflect on my life, changes to make and elements that don’t need to change.”

“The teaching was everything I wanted/needed and MORE.”

“Three consecutive days of Feldenkrais lessons makes a bigger change in my body than 1 lesson each week.”

“Everything about the retreat was just as it needed to be – the flow, the pace, logistics. Thank you.”

“I came to love and appreciate each person in the group over the weekend.”

“A retreat that feels like a spa vacation – 3 days felt like a week of vacation.”

Feldenkrais in the New York Times!

Personal Health 
By JANE E. BRODY OCT. 30, 2017

It's exciting to see such a strong statement about a columnist's personal experience with the Feldenkrais Method in such a premiere news source. Read the article here and make a comment about your experiences with Feldenkrais.

These events include 3 essential practices:
1. Embodied Meditation – to develop the capacity to sit quietly with whatever arises and bring openness and kindness to the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise from moment to moment.
2. Feldenkrais Method ® movement lessons – movement education that teaches you to move with greater ease and efficiency so you can enjoy life more.  It’s also one of the most effective stress reduction techniques around.  Enjoy better posture, breathing and coordination as well as greater mental and physical flexibility. The lessons are fascinating and fun!
3. Guided Inquiry – includes a variety of awareness practices to bring warm-hearted attention to challenging mental/emotional states and grow neural patterns to “hard-wire” life giving states such as gratitude and wholeness.