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Healing Touch helps you embrace compassion in your work and world. With Healing Touch you can gently, and significantly, impact the body-mind-spirit well being of people in your life and practice. 

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Healing Touch Introductory workshop

Contact me if you would like to schedule an Introduction to Healing Touch for your group. Everyone is welcome to this 2 hour workshop. Come learn something to take care of yourself and your friends and loved ones... including pets. I believe each one of us has the ability to share the gift of healing through our hearts and hands. Come get started. If you have been to Healing Touch before, come get a refresher and a tune up.

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Healing Touch Learning Packages

Want to take more than one Healing Touch class? Check out the packages for multiple classes; these offer a discount.

Check with me for discount pricing if you sign up for 1,2, and 3 together.

  • Utilizes off body or light touch methods that clear congestion, relieves pain, facilitates balance & promotes mind-body-spirit healing
  • Endorsed and accredited by several national associations
  • An international certification program
    A holistic practice that demonstrates Caring Science/Caring Theory (Dr. Jean Watson)
  • Research based
    Integrated in over 40 hospitals; Taught in over thirty countries
  • Endorsed by American and Canadian Holistic Nurses’ Associations