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Feldenkrais CORE Strengthening and Awareness Class

Starting Wednesday, June 11- July 23,
Each Wednesday for 7 weeks.
Time: 7 -8pmDSCN5574

The CORE class is very lively, great for both strengthening and sensing.

Here’s a short article and a video clip that redefine ‘core strength’ from the whole mind/body perspective: FINDING YOUR CORE

This is the feedback I got from a recent newcomer:“Brenda, I am not sure what happened last night, however, I just realized tonight that my back has felt great all day. I am intrigued!”

Cost for the 7 week series:

$105 Early Bird price registration mailed by May 11
$130 after May 11

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You will need a gym ball and 6X36” roller for this class. You can bring your own, or I can provide a ball or roller for $20 each. You will also want a mat or pad for lying in the floor. A 4X7’ Feldenkrais mat is $70. You do not need to purchase a Feldenkrais mat.*

Cherokee Mills Fitness Center,
2260 Sutherland Ave.
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The Feldenkrais Method ® is an innovative method of movement education that teaches you to move with greater ease and efficiency so you can enjoy life more.  It’s also one of the most effective stress reduction techniques around.  Students of the Method enjoy better posture, breathing and coordination as well as greater mental and physical flexibility.  They typically report enhanced performance, creativity, and pleasure in activities as diverse as walking, skiing, dancing, running, climbing, golfing, gardening, driving, and housekeeping.  Feldenkrais lessons are fascinating and fun!

Who Should Come?
The Feldenkrais Method is for everyone, but might be of special interest to:
  • All those who want to move with greater ease and flexibility
  • Athletes, musicians, and performers who want to enhance their skills
  • Those who want to improve their posture and balance
  • Individuals who want to ease daily aches and pains
  • The elderly who have lost function and mobility

What Should I Bring?
An exercise mat, blanket or quilt to lie on

What Should I Wear?
Comfortable clothing for ease of movement. Dress in layers for adjusting to changes in temperature.


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Video from a recent Feldenkrais class; we do different movements every week :)

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